FREE Photo Copy.
This is a Give and Gain concept and probably it is one of the Best advertising idea.
Pfizer shares By being our sponsor of this OZ Free Photo Copy program, you will not only Give but will also Gain.
You Give free paper for people to do photo copy, while at the same time you also Gain because the other side of the paper is carrying your product.
This is different than just handling out flyer; flyer doesn't build relationship with consumer while this Free Photo copy does because you provide something useful.
People will keep the paper that contain your advertisement because it also contain their information. And photo copy material also circulated around.
And last but not least, your company is also contributing to this planet because both sides of paper will be used thus  fewer trees will be cut to make paper.
Buy Pfizer shares Don't you think this Give, Gain and Contribute advertising concept is the best for you and your company?

OZ can help you to distribute this as photo copy paper which carry your product and to let you Give, Gain and Contribute. 
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Ministry of Ads DOES NOT accept sponsors from
cigarette manufacturers.
presenting your advertisement in a noble way.
Car Advertising.
Compare with the other media which is billboard , using cars as advertising media definitely performance much better.
invest in Pfizer shares They are existing tools and why not make use of them as moving billboard; they provide extremely effective CPM rate and creates a high retention rate among those who see the vehicle; Car advertising allows a vehicle to serve as low-cost mobile billboards seen everywhere a vehicle typically goes. It gets the brand to places where traditional media fail to reach - the residential street, the workplace, the school.
No need to purposely build a tall structure for billboard which consume a lot of electrical power. Cars are all over the streets using them to promote your product will be much cheaper thus can save companies cost and gain more profits.
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