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What does a user need to know about cookies that RTB services use?

Cookies are small files with the pieces of information, which are usually automatically downloaded and stored by the browser on your device after you have visited a certain web resource. Then they are transmitted to the originated resource or any other site, which can recognize them. Cookies are extremely useful because they help the website define a user’s device providing him/her with a better experience.

There are plenty of functions, the cookies fulfill. They include the navigation between the web pages, memorizing the user’s preferences, and improving the user’s experience during the visit on a website. What’s more, cookies allow displaying more relevant and interesting ads to a user. However, cookies cannot find out the identity of a visitor or any sensitive data. They just identify the devices applied with the identification tags, which are randomly generated.

MINISTRYOFADS Cookies Application

In order to get full access to, a user needs to set up cookies on the device applied. Thus, you will have a better experience visiting our site. The examples of cookies application include:

· gathering the required information in order to know the user’s interests concerning the site and emails the user dislikes,

· measuring the efficiency of various advertising campaigns provided by MINISTRYOFADS and understanding the user’s application of the site.

Types of Cookies and Cookies Policy

MINISTRYOFADS cookies list contain all the cookies types. There a user can find all the required data on the purposes and methods of Cookies usage.

MINISTRYOFADS has the following categorization of cookies:

  • Strictly important

This cookie type is necessary for the operation of We will ask you officially to set it up. It will help comfortably navigate between web pages and apply all the functions/features of If you decline this type of cookies, certain functions won’t operate.

– Performance

This kind of cookies collects anonymous data from the web pages visited by a user. They include the ways of application (for instance, the frequently visited web pages, error occurrence, etc.). This cookie type never collects identifying data. The information is fully anonymous.

The gathered data is used in order to improve the operation of MINISTRYOFADS.


Such cookies collect the data concerning the selections made by a user, for example, names, country, languages or any options on the site. Thus, it is possible to improve the experience on the site and provide a user with the personalized features. These cookies influence only the MINISTRYOFADS functionality.

The categories enumerated above are required for the maintenance of, its efficiency, the comfort of application, and uninterrupted access. They must not be opted out. If a user keeps visiting and applying our services, he/she gives full consent for these cookie types activation on the device used.

  • Targeting and Advertising

In order to make advertisements relevant and helpful for a user, MINISTRYOFADS applies a special kind of cookies. It collects the information about the user’s history of browsing. Another function of this cookie type is to limit the number of times a user sees a certain advert and to measure the efficiency of MINISTRYOFADS advertising campaigns.

Cookies function is set up by the third party (with the MINISTRYOFADS permission). Cookies are able to remember the user’s visits to the website and send the results to the media owners or the other organizations.

Such cookies can be opted out and the access to won’t be lost. More information concerning the deactivation of any of the cookie types might be found on

The list of Cookies

How is it possible to disable any cookie type?

If a user wants to opt any of the cookies out, to delete or block them, it is required to change the settings of the browser. In a case, a user needs help, he/she should find out more about cookies and their deactivation in different browsers on the Internet.



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Keep permanent and thoughtful dialogues with multitudes of live contacts, on any platform.

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