Advertising in mobile networks usually refers to the form of PPI (Pay Per Impression). You initially calculate the number of users that will see your ad. Make a payment and get traffic to your resources.
One impression is worth of 0.02-0.05$ on the average. Traffic is relatively cheap. But only on condition that your resources give a good conversion and advertising is adjusted right.

How to adjust your ad for mobile advertisement networks?

Here is the right procedure:
mobile apps campaign on display network• Learn the characteristics of your target audience. Consider everything, that can influence your mobile apps campaign – from age to potential hobbies and basing upon this, think about the applications in demand with your potential clients. For example, if the clients are mostly girls from 18 to 30, you will most likely hit the mark by selecting an app for tracking novelties in the fashion world or organizing women’s fitness programs.
• Observe mobile advertisement network and select the app for advertising. Just making sure that the program is in demand with potential clients is not enough. You have to learn all the features of the application as best as you can. First, contact the developer and ask for statistics. Pay attention to the number of downloads, the audience of the app and so on. Virtually all companies monitor these indicators, because their earnings depend on it. Select several programs that best suit you in all parameters.
• Choose the right type of advertising. Despite the simplicity of mobile apps and uncomplicated design, the websites offer several different types of placement:
1. Banner – appears at the top or bottom of the screen, on top of the application itself. You can close it not in all applications.
2. Static illustration is displayed over the program field. It can be closed within a given period (from 5 to 30 seconds).
3. Video – the same principle as in the previous type. It is recommended to promote reels for up to 1 minute.
4. Advertisement is a picture and text that are inserted between single elements of the app.
A special type of mobile apps campaigns on display network is integrated advertisement. It is inside the application itself. In this case advertisement is not so obvious. You become a full-fledged partner of developers. This type is not so popular, as it is not suitable for all applications.

What to do if there is no suitable mobile app in networks

Create your own! Make a program or game, which at least indirectly will coincide with your business on the subject. Make the app useful for your target audience in particular. This can become a separate full traffic channel if you promote it right.
There are many paid and free mobile application designers. But, to create really good product contact professional developers. Set a clear task and get a cool app.
Perhaps, in your case it does make sense to create your own program even if you found suitable sites in the network. Everything depends on the goals. The mobile app can be also used:
• for service client,
• by way of lead magnets;
• as a cheap product switch;
• as one of the main products.

Do you want to learn how to squeeze the most out of mobile advertisement networks? We are ready to help you with this! Just contact us and tell us about your task.

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