How do you develop your business? Do you introduce new sales techniques, traffic channels? Then you should definitely think about mobile marketing.
How often and for what purpose do you use your mobile phone during the day? I’m sure that you rather get a device out of your pocket to use the Internet or message than to call.
You have to admit that modern technology makes our life much easier. According to research, about 40% of buyers all over the world make online shopping via their phones. Through mobile versions of selling websites, smartphone apps or just communications with managers in instant messengers.
It is foolish to deny that you are just losing your money by ignoring mobile marketing business opportunity. Regardless of the characteristics of your target audience, most of it uses their devices much more often than computers. In some small businesses, this part reaches 50%. It means that by implementing such tool, you will increase your sales by 2 times.

What is mobile marketing?

This is the way that customer makes from the idea of buying to paying for your product/commodity/service created for mobile platforms. Thanks to modern developers, entrepreneurs get a ton of opportunities for creating such funnels. And by using all the goodies of mobile marketing, you can potentially make it the main channel for attracting customers.

Why mobile is suitable marketing for both big and small business

“This is definitely not my thing!”
You could have thought of that, if you are continuously receiving SMS that involve standard texts like “We got a discount, come visit us.” Such messages are treated as spam. This is not surprising, considering the number of companies using them.
But from another point of view mobile marketing is not limited to SMS and MMS of advertising nature. It is much more interesting. Variety of instruments allows you to think through the strategy and make customers happy to see your content (even advertising one) on their phone screens.

mobile marketing for small business

To achieve this result, you need to understand what business opportunities mobile marketing implies in general.

1. Adapt EVERYTHING for mobile platforms
It does not matter what exactly you use in business… Blogs, selling websites, social network images, YouTube video covers – all this must be correctly displayed on mobile devices. Your entire business should be customized to the smallest smartphone screens. Good is when you can see the smallest text on the video cover without narrowing your lids.

2. Attract mobile data traffic
Place advertising in your favorite apps of your target audience
Play Market and App Store are overfull with free mobile applications. Millions of people download games and useful programs in 2 clicks.
But why these applications are free? What do the developers earn and is it profitable for them to work this way?
It is profitable!

Authors of applications cash on advertising. Having developed a successful program, the company receives a large advertising space. And this is the origin of their principal earner.
This is also your opportunity! Place your advertising in applications that are popular among your target audience, and make sure that mobile marketing business can work for you.
Our website will help you to place such advertising on the most favorable terms. Contact our manager to learn more.

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