Maximize revenue with a proven partner

Any publisher dreams of maximum possible gains. MINISTRYOFADS chases a single mission: to bring you the highest available revenues with the lowest spendings. We have been in the advertising business for years. With MINISTRYOFADS’ detailed and profound, multi-platform online media advertising approaches publishers receive more dollars from diversified channels. For this reason thousands of brands and publishers have already collaborated with us. With such an impressive scope of platforms and sources, MINISTRYOFADS is purely the best choice for efficiently facilitating your publishing profits.

Richer Profiles Maximize Revenue

Accurate filtering of consumers is the secret to getting the optimum fruits in terms of impressions and sales and pocketing the highest profits. With MINISTRYOFADS’ cutting-edge framework and unique and personalized targeting information, we walk at the top of the marketing field delivering the greatest opportunities for online advertisers. Quality database produces higher conversions and higher profits for our clientele.

Premium Advertisers

MINISTRYOFADS deals with over five thousand popular brands and several hundreds of top quality firms.

  • 3 of the top 4 cellular carriers
  • 8 of the top 10 auto manufacturers
  • 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • 60 of the top 100 retailers
  • 93 of the top travel companies
  • 225 of the Internet Retailer 500

Full Range of Ad Formats

We monetize every possible impression with an unbeatable range of ad formats to choose from – including cross-device solutions for PC, smartphone and tablet.

  • Standard Display
  • Rich Media
  • Over the Page
  • Video
  • In-Text Rollovers
  • Full Screen Ads
  • Email

The Power of PersonalSM

MINISTRYOFADS is distinguished by our original qualification for aiding companies in getting to know and communicating on a personal level with every representative of their targeted populace. Our capability to individualize contacts displaying the preferences and habits of each customized user listing facilitates perceivable outcomes for companies and publishers. Improved figures for companies lead to the visibly increased publisher profits.

Get Paid On Time, Every Time

Publishers like becoming partners with MINISTRYOFADS fore they are sure they will always and without exceptions get their payments on time and without delays. We have behind our backs years of experience and reputation as the leading providers of marketing services, and therefore our partners and contacts definitely know that they will receive the precise sums they earn, without compromises.

World Class Strategy and Support

MINISTRYOFADS isn’t just a mere network, we are a genuine business partner for those publishers who are interested in steadily increasing profits. Our expert maintenance crew is accessible all day long to facilitate publishers in taking the optimum steps in their campaigns.



MINISTRYOFADS is dedicated to bringing advertising strategies to the new dimension by increasing the personalization, relevance and value for each customers of display, gadget-based and video ads for all devices, every hour and day, and any location.

MEDIA TOOLS for expert advertisers & marketers

MEDIA TOOLS for expert
advertisers & marketers

Keep permanent and thoughtful dialogues with multitudes of live contacts, on any platform.

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MINISTRYOFADS OPTIONS for partner advertisers

for partner advertisers

Keep permanent and thoughtful dialogues with multitudes of live contacts, on any platform.

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