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MINISTRYOFADS controls this site. We are working to protect the privacy of each user. The terms of this policy allow MINISTRYOFADS become responsible for the information, provided by the users, and their security. The privacy of the users is MINISTRYOFADS’ primary concern.

The following Privacy Policy gives the information concerning the application of the users’ data and the methods of its protection, used by MINISTRYOFADS.

1) Application of a user’s information by MINISTRYOFADS

MINISTRYOFADS has a right to collect the data, given to us by a user, including the detailed information and the one received from the services applied by a user on and on the other sites accessible from our resource.

MINISTRYOFADS is free to collect additional data concerning the user’s participation in various promotions or contests, offered by MINISTRYOFADS, and the feedback left by a user on our website.

How does MINISTRYOFADS use the information of a user?

The main purpose for MINISTRYOFADS to collect the users’ information is to provide them with the relevant services and to make them more personalized. MINISTRYOFADS has a right for collecting and applying the user’s contacts for sending correspondence (by means of email, phone, fax or post). The messages might contain offers and news connected with the services or goods provided by the other companies, which might attract a user. MINISTRYOFADS also sends the confirmation emails, in which there might be marketing information from the 3rd parties, which may be interesting for a user.

There are several reasons for the user’s information usage, which include the following:

· billing/auditing/accounting

· marketing analysis/statistics

· legal/administrative purposes

· MINISTRYOFADS resource improvement/development/maintenance

· control of the visitors

· system tests

· verifications of payments

· surveys

· efficient cooperation with a user, etc.

MINISTRYOFADS ask you to leave feedback on our services and experience on MINISTRYOFADS website. You can leave them by email, fax, post or phone.

In particular cases, MINISTRYOFADS can require contacting a user to discuss some important issues, including the operational/administrative questions. MINISTRYOFADS is free to analyze the user’s data in order to effectively administer, support, and develop the resource.

All the information gathered from the visitors is archived in MINISTRYOFADS system. The system might be located either in MINISTRYOFADS premises or in the ones, owned by the 3rd parties (having a right for this given by MINISTRYOFADS according to the service terms and a consent of the users). In particular situations, the information is analyzed outside Europe.

2) MINISTRYOFADS Tracking system

Special tracking software is applied by MINISTRYOFADS. It gives an opportunity to control the users’ traffic patterns and their application of Such system helps develop MINISTRYOFADS interface and the layout of the website in order to fully meet the necessities of visitors. The software under consideration does not track the sensitive data of the users.

3) Requests for personal information

Any user can ask for the data MINISTRYOFADS has collected about him or her. There are certain rules, which we regard:

· MINISTRYOFADS always deletes all the call recordings after 90 days

· MINISTRYOFADS does not save any CCTV footage.

These points are contained in our policy.

As soon as MINISTRYOFADS gets the user’s request, our agents will start processing. The whole procedure usually takes not more than ten working days. There are situations when additional information is required. To get it, we contact a user directly. Having received our demand, a user has 30 days to provide us with the data required. Otherwise, the request will be archived and in order to receive the necessary information a user will have to make a new request.

If the users have any concerns/questions connected with the information protection policy and its application, they can contact MINISTRYOFADS via email:

4) Information Retention. Security issues. Methods of the users’ information protection on

All the data, which MINISTRYOFADS has collected about its users, is transferred with the high-grade 128-bit encryption, which is accurate and secure. MINISTRYOFADS follows 1984 and 1998 UK Acts on the protection of information and the Swiss Law (if applied). Thus, MINISTRYOFADS’ processes of data storage and disclosure are strict and secure. The strictest methods help prevent the illegal access to the sensitive data provided by a user, which can discover his or her identity.

The strict security methods include the demands to verify the user’s identity before MINISTRYOFADS uncovers any kind of sensitive information. In particular situations, MINISTRYOFADS can share the user’s data with the other parties (according to the MINISTRYOFADS policy). If it happens, we promise that those parties use the same security methods as MINISTRYOFADS does in order to process the data.

The above-described does not concern the situations when the information-sharing is demanded by law. In such cases, the user’s data will be retained for a required period of time.

5) Cookies

A user needs to know that cookies are small parts of data, which any browser stores on a hard drive of a PC. This information might be deleted on the user’s decision anytime. Cookies are usually saved automatically by the browsers. A user can change browser settings opting the function out. The features of might be successfully applied without cookies.

Cookies, which MINISTRYOFADS site uses, do not contain sensitive data, including the identifying information.

Cookies can be applied in email messages, which a user agrees to get. MINISTRYOFADS also contains cookies. They help measure the effectiveness of various adverts and site application peculiarities. When an email message has a link, a user will set up MINISTRYOFADS cookies to the browser by clicking on it.

If an email message to a user contains a link and he or she clicks on it to visit, the information about the way our website applied is transmitted to us. It happens with the help of combinations of pixels and cookies, which are set on It allows finding out a user’s interests and preferences from the emails he/she gets. Thus, we are able to understand, what can attract your attention on and which aspects are useless. Such information will help MINISTRYOFADS send only relevant and useful data in the future.

The data collected cannot be shared with the other parties. Only MINISTRYOFADS has a right to use it. A user is able to prevent us from the information gathering by changing the browser cookies settings.

6) Pixels Application

Pixels, which the email messages to a user contain, are applied in order to know about the interaction with the messages and the content as well as to find out, who opens a particular message. Pixels help understand, how to present the information to a user (whether HTML or texts). Thus, MINISTRYOFADS is able to provide the visitors with the most relevant content on

7) Consent of the users

Visiting, a user gives full consent to the collection and application of the data by MINISTRYOFADS in all the described ways. If a user has any questions on MINISTRYOFADS Policy and its implementation, it is possible to contact MINISTRYOFADS service department.

If any changes are made to the current Policy or any of its conditions, MINISTRYOFADS promises to make a special notification of this web page in order to make the users fully aware of the ways their information is gathered/applied as well as the cases of its disclosure.

The registered office of MINISTRYOFADS: Hullenbergweg 278, 1101 BV Amsterdam-Zuidoost, the Netherlands.



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