Media buying is a wholesale purchase of advertising space with further reselling to advertisers or advertising agencies. There is also a reverse procedure – media selling, which involves the selling of advertising resources instead of purchasing them. But since it is almost the same, this article is focused on media buying in the context of the RTB Exchange.
These operations are beneficial to both sellers and buyers of advertising space. Sellers represented by the advertising space owners become confident that all their space and time will be sold for sure. Buyers of advertising resources can always count on a discount because they make a wholesale purchase.

RTB media buying by MinistryofAds

RTB media buyingRTB media buying offered on our site is the purchase of advertising space on the Internet. This is one of the fastest growing types of media buying for today. It comprises buying space for banners of advertising company and, in this case, it is made on the RTB principle. When placing through the exchange in Real-Time Bidding mode, the advertising is seen by selected user segments only. Auction allows you to increase your CTR and lower CPA of ads. Therefore, coverage can be increased. Our agency uses all available data sources on the Internet users, which allows us to provide accurate targeting. You will be noticed by the users whose characteristics are as close to the characteristics of existing customers as possible.

What advantages does RTB media buying have?

With RTB system you are buying a ready audience so you will be able to attract the attention of that particular people, whose gender, age, marital status, education and interests fit your request to the utmost. In addition, we can create a unique audience segment for the campaign. For example, you can perform RTB sales of snow tyres strictly among those who have bought an auto of a certain brand this month.
The space cost depends on the target audience and the attendance of the resource on which the advertisement is placed. Payment can be calculated based on the campaign period, the number of showings, goings, actions performed or calls from customers. However, most often the payment is calculated depending on the number of views and clicks on advertising.
Of course, RTB media buying is a rent, rather than buying of advertising space. So, for example, if the website sold an advertising space it does not mean that the buyer can use it for as long as he wants. RTB sales have a certain period of validity. Advertising places do not become the property of a media buyer but he has the right to use advertising space during the contractual term.
Do you want to know more about RTB and our service? Then contact the managers. We are looking forward to your messages!

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