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The followed information should be understood by any user of MINISTRYOFADS

Keeping applying MINISTRYOFADS and our website the user gives consent to the terms of

The website you are visiting is under the MINISTRYOFADS control and operated by MINISTRYOFADS. We have a right to edit the terms without any prior notification to our users. If the users want to continue applying our services, they agree to respect and follow the presented rules. All the other agreements with must also be regarded.

1) Privacy Policy of MINISTRYOFADS

If a user has any kind of questions, connected with this Police, it is required to visit the MINISTRYOFADS site and read the terms. In the terms, you will find all the necessary information concerning the users’ data application (including the ways and reasons) by MINISTRYOFADS. MINISTRYOFADS considers the privacy of their users to be the primary concern.

2) Copyright protection issue

MINISTRYOFADS is under copyright protection. This protection is extended to the MINISTRYOFADS logo, interface, texts, fines, and any other types of information contained on the site, including the arrangements described. The user has no right to make copies, publish, repost, download, take or display any of the data owned by MINISTRYOFADS. This only possible in a case of MINISTRYOFADS official consent. The information is allowed for application only for non-commercial purposes and for getting the location data.

If a user obtains permission for any other application, it will still be forbidden to delete, change or distribute the data of MINISTRYOFADS.

3) Trademarks issue

The trademark of MINISTRYOFADS has official registration, thus, it is under the protection of the law. Any trademark materials found on are not allowed for copying/imitating. It does not concern the cases when MINISTRYOFADS give a corresponding permission.

The following materials are the trademarks of MINISTRYOFADS:

· icons

· headers

· graphics

· scripts.

The protection extends to the trademarks of the other entities presented on They are protected by their owners, not by MINISTRYOFADS. Make sure your application of MINISTRYOFADS is non-commercial and only personal. Reselling any of the materials, the user commits a criminal act.

4) Website Linking rules on

The links to are allowed. However, it is strictly forbidden to use MINISTRYOFADS for any destructive or bad ways. With a special permission from MINISTRYOFADS, a user has a right to apply the materials/trademarks of MINISTRYOFADS.

MINISTRYOFADS site may contain outside links. Following them, you come out of our protection. MINISTRYOFADS becomes irresponsible of the types of materials, which a user can see on those linked sites.

Following any links from is only the user’s risks.

5) The issue of MINISTRYOFADS application

MINISTRYOFADS wants the users to behave morally and to respect the terms described. If you are reading this information, you give the full consent for reasonable behavior and adherence to the MINISTRYOFADS rules and conditions. It is forbidden to abuse MINISTRYOFADS or the services offered, to interfere with the security of the other MINISTRYOFADS visitors, including their sensitive data, accounts, and experience on Any user should avoid the disputes with MINISTRYOFADS servers and any associated sites including the affiliates.

The user agrees following all the limitations, which are connected with access. You must accept and follow the laws while applying MINISTRYOFADS. Our resource is not responsible for the business, products, and services, which are advertised on

With any disputes connected copyright or trademark, MINISTRYOFADS is ready to provide the user with full support and protection. MINISTRYOFADS operates regarding the DMC Act.

If a user discovers any violations, such data must be sent to MINISTRYOFADS agents following the steps:

– a person authorized by the owner of the copyright must have a special signature

– a user must receive a registration number and a corresponding proof of the registered trademark

– you need to show the content, which is under consideration

– a user must give MINISTRYOFADS the email address, phone number, and location in order to receive the correspondence form MINISTRYOFADS

– a user should point the original statement and explain, why the materials found look as copyrighted

– the data sent by a user must be accurate, reliable, and precise

– a user needs to make sure he/she has an appropriate authorization for the complaint

– a user must contact MINISTRYOFADS agent via email:

6) MINISTRYOFADS agreement on indemnification

If a user breaks any of the MINISTRYOFADS terms/the visitors’ rights or the other visitors complain about the behavior/non-moral actions/damage, a user must carry the blame.

7) Submitted Materials

MINISTRYOFADS cannot guarantee that any questions, statements, comments, ideas or other materials given by a user to us via email or the other way will be confidential. As soon as any information is posted, MINISTRYOFADS immediately becomes an owner. After this, a user has no right to it. Thus, MINISTRYOFADS can use those materials the way they want without prior notifications/payments to a user.

8) Being a user of MINISTRYOFADS, you give your consent that any products, materials or other contents are presented as they are. A user takes all the risks applying MINISTRYOFADS. A user must be certain he/she does not depend on any materials displayed on or other associated web pages.

A visitor also takes all the risks opening or downloading from the associated sites. A user takes the full responsibility for the possible damage to the PC or the other device.

If a user downloads any materials/software and loses the data, MINISTRYOFADS takes no responsibility for this. MINISTRYOFADS is neither responsible for the services, goods or contents, which the other people offer on It does not concern the cases when the opposite is pointed in a MINISTRYOFADS document. A user must remember that MINISTRYOFADS is not responsible for the reliability of other resources.

MINISTRYOFADS does not promise that the materials our site contains will meet a user’s requirements. We can’t guarantee the full absence of errors and interruptions. MINISTRYOFADS won’t necessarily fix all the defects found. We do not take responsibility for bugs, lags, file corruption or other types of damage.

9) Liability Limitation issue

MINISTRYOFADS and any other parties involved (including the affiliate resources) might become liable for the damage, which occurs because of the usage or inaccessibility of MINISTRYOFADS, any type of materials displayed on the site, illegal access to the user’s accounts and its consequences, transmission of certain data, etc.

The liability expands to the cases of data, profit or access loss (and any other kinds of loss). We abide by the laws, which forbid limiting/excluding the liability for the damages. Thus, parts of the limitations agreement won’t be applied.

10) Legal Obligations of MINISTRYOFADS

MINISTRYOFADS terms are controlled by the laws of Europe. If a user decides to take the legal actions on the MINISTRYOFADS terms, it is required to make a complaint to the European Court.

11) The issues of Termination

The account of any user might be deleted or the access to our site might be terminated by MINISTRYOFADS. There won’t be any notifications in this case. The procedure can be made by the MINISTRYOFADS own decision. We can charge/stop the site application or the usage of the services on MINISTRYOFADS own decision.

12) Service Terms Exceptions

In a case, if any points of the described terms are proved to be illegitimate, they must be immediately deleted from MINISTRYOFADS policy. The other points will still be active and remain unchanged. A user must regard and follow them.

In order to waive any of the conditions, which are included in the presented MINISTRYOFADS Terms, it is necessary to sign a document.



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