MINISTRYOFYEARS has an impressive background of years of aiding publishers in getting the maximum results from their advertisements

Our experience stretches for over a decade, and we have helped thousands of clients to receive the highest possible revenues from their online endeavors. There was not a task we couldn’t deal with and find smart approaches to solving it, which warrants us a position of a perfect partner for king-size and small publishers aiming at the greatest returns and conversions. If you are looking for top-notch publishing profits, you have found the party to deal with!

Quality Advertisers

MINISTRYOFADS has an impressive and comprehensive database that includes advertisers of differing sizes and scopes, from various fields and channels. We deliver marketing projects for thousands of companies monthly. Therefore you may be rest assured that we have a perfect choice for your desired populace and content at the optimum price.

Here’s how we stack up in a few categories:

  • 3 of the top 4 cellular carriers
  • 7 of the top 10 auto manufacturers
  • 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • 60 of the top 100 retailers
  • 95 of the top travel companies
  • 240 of the Internet Retailer 500

Total Control

MINISTRYOFADS provides simple and user-friendly presentation of marketing information. You will have completely accessible and intelligible campaign statistics and info in behavior and profits via your publisher account, updated on-the-fly.

Mobile Publishers

MINISTRYOFADS’ multi-platform mobile ad methodologies aid our clientele in monetizing their webpages on the most popular user gadgets like smartphones and tablets. You have an opportunity to grab maximum profits in this dynamically evolving segment. Deliver to your customers engaging interaction by rendering up-do-date content in the most efficient formats unique to MINISTRYOFADS. We are distinguished for our diligent maintenance crew and stats platform that guarantees full control and visibility of your campaigns.

More Ways to Monetize

  • Lead Generation:
    MINISTRYOFADS’ lead generating framework furnishes the publishers with the most interesting proposals, maximum profitability, novel methodologies and premium service to optimize returns on channels, webpages and mailing campaigns. No competitor delivers this much yield options with so high an effectiveness and scope on a universal framework. MINISTRYOFADS’ animated lead generating system gives publishers the opportunities to affiliate registrations, CPA, CPS and promotion options using one universal user platform.
  • Registration Pathway Manager:
    On top of the MINISTRYOFADS’ impressive lead generating system, we run cutting-edge managing technologies that give publishers a route to use the substantial profits channel with the least utilization difficulty. Just put our code into your registering channel, and your customers will receive appropriate proposals without losing the view and ambience of your webpage. Our approaches account for the criteria of your publishing profit goals without sacrificing the customer experience.

Precision Targeting for Maximum Yield

Research and reason tell that the higher targeting accuracy, the greater the publishing profitability per impression. MINISTRYOFADS offers unique database that is the most profound in this competitive field. This proprietary information makes us able to deliver the optimum perspectives for advertisers, which brings you the highest income from each impression.

Leading Ad Formats

MINISTRYOFADS uses the purest standards and landmarks for multi-platform advertising and purchases more advertisements in more formats than most of the competitors. We are able to trade your existing ads you and aid you in incorporating remunerative formats like mobile on a broader scale. Take advantage of the highly profitable formats for using the page visits for money-making for PC or mobile devices.

  • Standard Display
  • Over the page
  • Flash / HTML5
  • In-text rollovers
  • Mobile
  • Full screen in app
  • Static
  • Banners

The Power of Personal

MINISTRYOFADS is the cutting-edge company in rendering individualized media data with a fantastic scope and results. Our capability to build customized contacts that genuinely demonstrate the interests and desires of your webpage users, can substantially influence your statistics and profits.

Timely & Accurate Payment

MINISTRYOFADS’ publisher partners uniformly confirm our reputation as fast and trustworthy payer. On top of precise, punctual payouts, our crews cooperate with you to provide you the instruments you require to optimize your publishing yields.



MINISTRYOFADS is dedicated to bringing advertising strategies to the new dimension by increasing the personalization, relevance and value for each customers of display, gadget-based and video ads for all devices, every hour and day, and any location.

MEDIA TOOLS for expert advertisers & marketers

MEDIA TOOLS for expert
advertisers & marketers

Keep permanent and thoughtful dialogues with multitudes of live contacts, on any platform.

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MINISTRYOFADS OPTIONS for partner advertisers

for partner advertisers

Keep permanent and thoughtful dialogues with multitudes of live contacts, on any platform.

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